Commit abb98ba1 authored by Michael Iseard's avatar Michael Iseard
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add parallax to effect dropdown

parent 2271876d
......@@ -185,8 +185,9 @@
Effect Type
<div class="dropdown-menu" aria-labelledby="effectButton">
<a class="dropdown-item" data-settings='{"effectType": "pan"}' href="#">Pan</a>
<a class="dropdown-item" data-settings='{"effectType": "zoom"}' href="#">Zoom</a>
<a class="dropdown-item" data-settings='{"effect": "pan"}' href="#">Pan</a>
<a class="dropdown-item" data-settings='{"effect": "parallax"}' href="#">Parallax</a>
<a class="dropdown-item" data-settings='{"effect": "zoom"}' href="#">Zoom</a>
<div class="btn-group col-md-auto">
......@@ -353,13 +354,7 @@
<td>true, false</td>
<td>Enable or disable slide resting animation</td>
<td>'zoom', 'pan'</td>
<td>'zoom', 'pan', 'parallax'</td>
<td>Slide resting animation type</td>
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