Commit 2c17086b authored by Michael Iseard's avatar Michael Iseard
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Change back button from "span" to "button" to improve accessibility

parent 764b43d7
......@@ -19,12 +19,13 @@
{% block body %}{% endblock %}
<div class="kudos-modal-buttons kd-mt-8 kd-flex kd-justify-between kd-relative">
{% block back_button %}
class="focus:kd-ring hover:kd-text-primary-dark kd-hidden xs:kd-inline kd-transition-shadow kd-ease-in-out kd-ring-primary kd-ring-offset-2 kd-rounded-full kd-bg-back-button kd-w-5 kd-h-5 kd-cursor-pointer kd-self-center"
title="{{ __('Previous tab', 'kudos-donations') }}"
{{ button('', 'outline', 'button', {
'class': 'kd-block xs:kd-hidden kd-bg-back-button kd-bg-no-repeat kd-bg-center kd-block kd-mr-3 kd-p-3',
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