Commit bdfc9d5a authored by Michael Iseard's avatar Michael Iseard
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Fix aria-label for modal

parent 16b20900
<div id="kudos-modal-{{ id }}"
class="kudos-modal {{ class }} kd-absolute kd-hidden kd-z-1050 kd-text-[16px] xl:kd-text-[18px] 2xl:kd-text-[18px]"
role="dialog" aria-hidden="true" aria-modal="true" aria-label="{{ modal_title }}">
role="dialog" aria-hidden="true" aria-modal="true" aria-label="{{ __('Donation form modal', 'kudos-donations') }}">
<div class="kudos-modal-overlay kd-flex kd-justify-center kd-items-center kd-fixed kd-top-0 kd-left-0 kd-w-full kd-h-full kd-bg-[#1a202ccc]">
<div data-page="1"
class="kudos-modal-container kd-bg-white kd-p-8 xs:kd-rounded-lg kd-w-full kd-h-full xs:kd-h-auto lg:kd-w-2/4 kd-max-w-lg kd-relative kd-overflow-auto xs:kd-overflow-hidden kd-origin-right
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