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FAQ results without content now do not show up as a link

parent 845c5939
<a href="{{ get_permalink() }}" class="d-block p-4 col-12 col-md-6 faq-search-result"> <div class="d-block p-4 col-12 col-md-6 faq-search-result">
<article @php post_class('position-relative') @endphp> <article @php post_class('position-relative') @endphp>
<a href="{{get_permalink()}}" >
<h4>{!! get_the_title() !!}</h4>
<h4>{!! get_the_title() !!}</h4>
<header> <div class="entry-summary text-dark">
<h4 class="">{!! get_the_title() !!}</h4> @php echo get_the_excerpt() @endphp
</header> </div>
<div class="entry-summary text-dark"> </div>
@php echo get_the_excerpt() @endphp
...@@ -31,9 +31,11 @@ ...@@ -31,9 +31,11 @@
@section('content') @section('content')
{{-- FAQ CONTENT --}} {{-- FAQ CONTENT --}}
<div class="row faq-content alignwide container"> <div class="faq-content row">
@while($questions->have_posts()) @php $questions->the_post() @endphp @while($questions->have_posts()) @php $questions->the_post() @endphp
@endwhile @endwhile
</div> </div>
@endsection @endsection
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